Dr. Genesis (short script)

This is R Hill’s first round submission for The Short Screenplay Challenge 2013, a competition that challenges Writers around the world to create short movie scripts (5 pages or less.) based on genre, location, and object assignments in under 48 hours then competes against its Group Members in a process of elimination through 4 competitions and 3 rounds

Part 1 of 2 for the Round 1 competition began on November 15, 2013. Writers were placed in Groups to be judged against other Writers within their same Group. The criteria for our Group in this round was:   Genre – Sci-Fi   /  Setting – Fancy Restaurant  /   Object – a Rag

Dr. Genesis

The Colony Alliance celebrates the end of an interstellar war at the Spaceport Banquet Hall.

                                                                    FADE IN


               The foyer outside the Spaceport Restaurant's Banquet Hall is 
               full of HONORED GUESTS waiting to enter.  Honored Guests 
               include Human Men in black tuxedos interspersed with Human 
               Woman in military regalia with Earth Colony insignias.  

               Mingling with Honored Guests are their HUMANOID HOSTS, light-
               blue creatures in formal dress attire adorned with gold.

               CHATTER drowns out the AMBIENT MUSIC overhead as the Banquet 
               Hall's great glass doors open and Guests begin to filter in.

               EXT. SPACE - SAME TIME

               A space shuttle with an Earth insignia approaches a Spaceport, 
               the size of Texas, orbiting a purple hazy Planet behind it.


               A space shuttle doors opens and DR. GENESIS, a lean middle-
               aged Scientist in a white tuxedo, leaps out and strides down 
               a ramp to a DOCK ATTENDANT, a Humanoid in gold-laced overalls, 
               holds a tablet console in the palm of its light-blue hand.

                                     DR. GENESIS
                         Dr. Winsome Genesis of Earth Colony.  
                         I'm late for the Banquet Hall dinner.  

               The Dock Attendant touches his console and a hovering gold 
               passenger vehicle glides to the ramp with an open door.   

               INT. BANQUET HALL - LATER

               A MAITRE'D-ROID, gold metallic body in a black tuxedo, escorts 
               Dr. Genesis through a maze of circular banquet tables.  

               Honored Guests and Humanoid Hosts sit together enjoying a 
               hybrid of fancy delicacies.  Both species watch as Dr. Genesis 
               passes by their table; a few point at him and MURMUR.


               SEVEN AMBASSADORS, Human Woman dressed in full military 
               regalia, look up from their empty plates as the Maitre'D-
               roid pulls out a chair for Dr. Genesis.  The Ambassadors 
               stand to attention and salute Dr. Genesis in unison. 

               ROBO-SERVERS, faceless silver bots in gold aprons, glide in 
               from around the banquet tables and remove their empty plates 
               while other BOTS wipe their table with a rag.


               Dr. Genesis salutes the Ambassadors back; six of them take 
               their seats; one Ambassador remains standing beside him.

                                     AMBASSADOR MILLER
                         We started dinner without you.  It 
                         was a fancy one at that but we 
                         deserved it.  The war is finally 

               Dr. Genesis turns where he stands and scans the Banquet Hall.

                                     DR. GENESIS
                         I'm late because there was a breakdown 
                         in the Colony Alliance renewal talks.

                                     AMBASSADOR MILLER
                              (DEEP SIGH)
                         Do we have another war on our hands?

                                     DR. GENESIS
                         Not if we can help it. 

               Dr. Genesis turns to face Ambassador Miller and points behind 
               her towards the dais on the opposite end of their table.

               DURBAN, a leader of the Humanoid Colony, glides up to a 
               lectern upon a podium in front of the palatial Banquet Hall.


                                     BANQUET HALL ATTENDEES
                              (in unison)

                         We gather together here to honor Dr. 
                         Genesis and his Earth Colony for 
                         saving our planet from the destructive 
                         Xon Colony.  The Xon are no more.

               APPLAUSE comes from the Banquet Hall Attendees.

                                     DURBAN (CONT'D)
                         We are done with war.  Thank you Dr. 
                         Genesis and the Earth Colony 
                         Ambassadors for vaporizing our mutual 
                         enemy.  Your new weapon saved us!

               Durban points a blue finger towards Dr. Genesis and spotlight 
               shines upon him.  CHEERS fill the Banquet Hall.


                                     DURBAN (CONT'D)
                         This marks the tenth cycle of the 
                         Alliance between our Colony and 
                         Earth's.  And the time has come...

               Dr. Genesis fidgets in his tuxedo not knowing what to do 
               with his hands; he finally crosses his arms.

                                     DURBAN  (CONT'D)
                         We break from your Alliance.  We no 
                         longer welcome your Kind here.  

               MURMURING rises fills the air of Banquet Hall.  Ambassador 
               Miller steps into Dr. Genesis' spotlight.

                                     AMBASSADOR MILLER
                         Durban, to break our Alliance means 
                         to go to war.

               The other six Ambassadors stand up behind their table. 

                                     AMBASSADOR MILLER (CONT'D)
                         We just vanquished the mighty Xon 
                         and this is how you thank us?

               Durban motions for the Ambassadors to take her seat.  Robo-
               servers glide up behind and nudge the standing Ambassadors.

                         Enough Ambassador.  Enough.  We've 
                         have had enough war already.  We 
                         will not war with you.  Just go.

               Ambassador Miller pushes her chair out of the way and steps 
               towards Durban.  Dr. Genesis grabs her by the arm.

                                     DR. GENESIS
                              (to Ambassador Miller)
                         I've got this.

               Dr. Genesis gives Ambassador Miller a reassuring look and 
               she steps back to her table.  Dr. Genesis smooths his tux as 
               he looks up at the lectern at the front of the Banquet Hall.

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         Honorable Durban, for how long have 
                         you held this resentment against 

                         Humankind?  Or Human-unkind.  You 
                         consume our energy and expect us to 
                         be grateful for destroying an enemy 
                         that followed you into our system?


                                     DR. GENESIS
                         Could we discuss this matter behind 
                         closed doors - this is neither the 
                         time nor the place...

                         There is no better time than now and 
                         there no better place than here.  I 
                         speak for my Colony - You speak for 
                         yours.  We end this tonight.

               Dr. Genesis approaches the platform and bows towards Durban 
               before turning around to face the stunned Banquet Hall.

                                     DR. GENESIS
                         Then we shall each have equal time 
                         to state our case and let the people 
                         decide the fate of our Alliance.

               Dr. Genesis looks at his table of Ambassadors; they are 
               huddled together WHISPERING.  Ambassador Miller pops her 
               head up and gives Dr. Genesis a thumbs up.

               Dr. Genesis nods and turns to face Durban. 

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         Here and now.  Proceed.

               More MURMURING echoes throughout the palatial Banquet Hall.

                         We are not space invaders.  Humans 
                         are.  You take from us our precious 
                         knowledge and resources.  Return to 
                         Earth with your new weaponry and 
                         reclaim it for yourselves.

               Durban raises a light-blue fist above his shiny head.  

                                     DURBAN (CONT'D)
                         We hereby dissolve our Alliance with 
                         Humankind. Depend upon us no more. 
                         You are on your own.  Live or die by 
                         your own accord.  We are no longer 
                         responsible for your demise.  

               Durban turns to face Dr. Genesis.   

                                     DURBAN (CONT'D)
                         We will do your Kind no harm if you 
                         leave by first light.

               An AWKWARD SILENCE fills the room as Durban steps away and 
               Dr. Genesis takes his place behind the lectern.  


                                     DR. GENESIS
                         We're here to celebrate a victory 
                         for our Alliance over the Xon.

               Dr. Genesis turns to face Durban from the lectern.

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         Instead you protest.  Unbelievable.

               Dr. Genesis shakes his head as turns back to face the Hall. 

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         We thought your people appreciated 
                         our guardian services.  A fair 
                         exchange for your hospitality.

               Dr. Genesis makes a motion towards the Banquet Hall and the 
               seven Ambassadors stand up behind their table as all the 
               Human Woman in military uniform stand at their tables too.  

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         We are not takers.  We provided a 
                         service to you and now you are through 
                         with us?  Who manipulates whom?

               Dr. Genesis faces the Banquet Hall and slams his palm on the 
               lectern with a stern look.

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         You think you can harm us?  You don't 
                         decide our destiny.

               Dr. Genesis glances at Ambassador Miller and nods at her. 

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         We do!

               Dr. Genesis ducks behind the lectern as Ambassador Miller 
               draws out a concealed weapon from behind her back and aims 
               it at Durban.  A FLASH of light and Durban is vaporized.  

               The Human Woman soldiers pull out their concealed weapons 
               and vaporize their Humanoid Hosts at their tables at the 
               same time.  

               Dr. Genesis stands back up behind the lectern and nods at 
               Ambassador Miller.

                                     DR. GENESIS (CONT'D)
                         Now...  The war is over.

               Human Guests CHEER in a now half empty Banquet Hall. 

                                                                  FADE OUT 





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