Good Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop Bad Cop –  screenplay by R Hill

Officer Kent Pomeroy discovers prejudice and cover-up at his police precinct in the late eighties and has to bring the guilty to justice in a corrupt system that is forcing him out.


SCRIPT REVIEW – by Blue Cat Screenplay Competition

01/26/2013 – The author delves into many heavy and hard hitting topics throughout this script, only to amplify them by having the actions being taken by officers of the law. The author does a great job making the despicable characters truly nasty and hated by the audience. I believed it and I genuinely felt deeply for Pomeroy. The author did a tremendous job writing this script. Well done.


Good Cop Bad Cop is Serpico meets Chinatown but with a Penn State twist.

Good Cop Bad Cop is a suspenseful drama with adult situations and mild violence; it is intended for mature audiences.

Good Cop Bad Cop evokes a roller coaster range of emotion that builds to a fast paced ride with relatable characters and unpredictable plot twists.


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In 1985, it was a different world: police brutality was unheard of; the media wasn’t questioned; political corruption was kept under wraps. In this era of affirmative action, Officer Westport is a police veteran that has played the role of “token black cop” since the sixties. He recruits his nephew, Kent Pomeroy (main protagonist) to join the police thinking their roles would improve. However, Police Chief Langley (main antagonist) is just putting on a show; with everyone in his wallet, he intends to run things his way and will do anything to maintain control.

Officer Pomeroy realizes his precinct veterans are not receptive to the minority cops; the exception is his partner and mentor, Officer Mercer, who plays by his own rules. Together, they challenge a corrupt system that: ostracizes Officer Westport for accusing his white partner of beating an innocent black man; then forces Westport into retirement for reporting the truth.

Officers Pomeroy and Mercer, with the aid of Officer Anna Cortez, create their own task force to avenge the wrongful termination of Officer Westport. In the process, they discover a much larger cover-up involving indiscretions from city officials; all linked back to Police Chief Langley.

With their livelihood at stake, Officers Pomeroy and Mercer launch a plan of attack to expose their Police Chief, but first they have to get past their Police Captain and his cronies.

To bring the guilty to justice, Officers Pomeroy and Mercer must change the way the media reports the news; altering the public’s sacred view of their elected city officials.

Today, we live in a society that does not tolerate inappropriate and criminal behavior from city officials because of these two officers: Kent Pomeroy and Wayne Mercer.




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