The Way Out

– another short film by Retro Earth Studios  –

Devastated, Avery runs into a building after his girlfriend tells him to take a flying leap. Avery inadvertently enters a room full of people and is invited to stay for coffee but finds enlightenment instead.

Bummed out, Avery runs into a building after his girlfriend tells him to take a flying leap. Looking for the rooftop, Avery inadvertently enters a room full of people. Avery watches the people converse from the doorway and curiosity causes him to enter hesitantly. His eyes lock onto Angel, a free spirited woman, smiling at him from across the room; she waves at him.

Avery freezes up as Angel approaches him; as he doesn’t want to explain why he was there. Angel senses that Avery is hurting and invites him to stay for coffee. Avery backs away after the Barista announces to the room that he needs time to make coffee and uses it as an excuse to leave. Angel senses that Avery is hurting  and reaches out to him. Avery is aloof but Angel is persistent and convinces Avery to stay; not realizing that she just saved his life.

As soon as Avery sits down with Angel, Chuckles enters the room and asks everyone to gather together and spend their time wisely. Avery is surrounded by a group of strangers and feels like he doesn’t belong. Chuckles admits that everyone feels that way as Angel adds there is always a reason you’re somewhere. The group share with Avery that there are no coincidences that he walked into their room.

Avery has a Ah-ha moment as he becomes willing to sit and listen. As Angel announces that we all have one thing in common, the Barista blurts the answer: time. Some group members hop up for coffee but Avery remains sitting beside Angel.

Mikel, another rooftop seeker, enters into the room looking lost and confused. Avery recognizes that look and approaches Mikel and invites him to stay for coffee.


Coffee?  Might as well…



Behind the scenes of The Way Out:

The Way Out was filmed by Retro Earth Studios at the Pythian Temple in a location and actor time-share with diggUM Productions.

While The Way Out was shot on the top floor another movie was being shot on the two lower levels.

The Way Out was shot between 8 am and 12 pm because the actors were needed on the other sets at 1 pm.

During the lunch break, diggUM Productions joined The Way Out set to shoot the final hokey pokey scene for the credits.

The Way Out was written and directed by R Hill but it was made possible by the generous contributions of the cast and crew.

The soundtrack for The Way Out features original music by Dee Lyle and Darrius Willrich.

Coffee is mentioned 18 times in The Way Out and is used as a metaphor for love as it often takes time to brew.

Substitute the word love in place of coffee and the story still makes sense.

When Avery tosses his phone away, he is actually throwing his life away as it represents everything that is important to him.

The Way Out is really about the impact a person’s words can make in another person’s life.


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