UtopiA (short film) – Plug in your headphones and be transported to sometime in the future…

on our very own Retro Earth… tune in to the future of reality game shows.


UtopiA! The Free World’s Favorite Game Show offers the ultimate reality game show prize:
A Life-Time of Bliss under the Bright Green Dome..

Now, after a rigorous series of questioning, Four Hope-Fulls remain in the game for the ultimate prize.

Who will win this Semi-Elite honor ? Final round coming up… Press Play Now.


UtopiA is a parody on the possible and inevitable evolution of reality game shows.

The visual concept for UtopiA was first imagined as a graphic novel and then reinvented into a movie.

The future is both old and new. The Earth old; the Toilers new.

UtopiA’s underlying gothic theme is contrasted by epic scenes in vibrant colors.

A hot fresh soundtrack is tempered by sophisticated mood music and cosplay theme songs.

It is a style dubbed: Neuvo Retro. The New Old.

The perfect balance.

UtopiA!     UtopiA!


Production Notes:
  • The original screenplay for UtopiA was written on February 3, 2013 – SuperBowl Sunday.  SuperBowl XLVII was put on pause during pregame when the inspiration hit. Seven hours and ten pages later, UtopiA was completed before the final whistle blew – thanks in part to the infamous game delay with the power going out in the fourth quarter.
  • The movie was shot in a single twenty-four hour period from 4/19 at 10pm to  10pm on 4/20/13.
  • Over 200 extras participated in the movie as the game show audience filmed at the Re-bar in Seattle with additional support from 3-2-1 Battle. The cast and crew are entirely Seattle based.


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