The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad introduces the world to new possibilities in the form of people, projects, products and services with the emphasis being on the positive impact it makes for the greater good of our community.

The Launch Pad show was created by R Hill as a means of introducing our community to new startups and exciting projects that can make a profound impact in the way we experience our lives.

The Launch Pad is co-hosted by serial entrepreneurs that invite leaders of our ever-growing community to share their experiential insight on creating a project, event or business and getting it off the ground.

Visit The Launch Pad to get connected with your community today… or watch some of the vidcasts from the show below.

11/02/16 – S3 / E9: The Launch Pad Crew talk about being savvy with Paul Cutsinger, the head of voice design education at Amazon; where he works with developers to design and develop the next generation of customer experience: a voice based user experience.

08/31/16 – S2 / E25 – The Launch Pad Crew interviews seasoned entrepreneur, Leland Gayles of LeeBren Construction to share his experience in how he transitioned from being a police officer to being self-employed and running a small business. And Lee’s son, Eddie Gayles, the CEO of Wimobia, tells us how Lee’s work ethic rubbed off on him.

08/17/16 – S2 / E23 – The Launch Pad Crew shares the different ways we motivate ourselves and we discuss what motivates the motivator with Eugene K. Johnson as he shares how he is building leaders and helping people achieve success in their life.

08/10/16 – S2 / E22 – The Launch Pad Crew discuss the various aspects of what it takes to be an effective leader of a business and a role model in the community with Gary Ritner, the co- founder of the Puget Sound Venture Club, and May McCarthy, author of the best-selling book, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance.

07-27-16 – S2 / E20 – The Launch Pad Crew discusses how collaborating with others can speed up the process of launching an idea into a reality and John Mellesmoen, the CEO of TELEPORTin, shares how he developed a new startup in one weekend.

07-20-16 – S2 / E19 – The Launch Pad Crew discusses how technology has evolved with Dr. Teresa Escrig, the founder and CEO of Qualitative Artificial Intelligence, as she shares the technology behind the formulation of common sense reasoning and the advancements of artificial intelligence.



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